Tombi Stewart is a Detroit Native that is destined for greatness. Throughout her journey Stewart has had the chance to be featured in numerous Magazines and fashion print ads for well known designers and brands that has surfaced around the world.  As this elegant and sophisticated lady continues to travel the road  to stardom, her ambition is the path to a success, the windows are open as she soars to new heights.

I tend to be distanced from typical forms of expressed and appreciated beauty – creating a unique personal statement that simultaneously illustrates my pride in my ancestry, individuality, creativity, and strength to acknowledge gratitude for my “difference”. After all, what makes you different…makes you unique.

Visual and mental stimulation is my overall goal – to provoke a sense of wonder and new perspective of what we all are conditioned to think and be. It is not a requirement to fit a mold that exists in order to thrive. This is the message I have carried, expressed, and stressed to youth. “You are appreciated, loved, valued, and supported exactly as you are. You are more than enough. You are special enough, and the world awaits what you uniquely offer!”

Tombi_Stewart_WCDM_rt4C4 copy Tombi_Stewart_WCDM_Gold_rtA1 copy

Each time we place ourselves in a public outlet through our images and works, we must always be aware of our impact, and ensure that what we contribute moves our communities a step further towards positive growth and evolution. This is my intention…This is my mission.

“I seek to improve the level of love and respect we have of self and each other. My main aim is to raise the esteem and self-concepts of girls/women, in hopes that we begin to reject images that consistently guide us in directions toward disrespect and objectification – having lead workshops with high school senior girls about self-image, “body language”, and the correlation between the two.”

“Whether you are a writer, painter, actor, singer, model…you must remain conscious of your audience. Who is watching? What messages am I sending? Are the messages I’m sending constructive/destructive for our community?”Through our own creativity, we inspire the creative evolution of all in our communities”.

-Tombi Stewart

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