The Beau Luxe Fashion show was a held at the rooftop of the Music Hall 3Fifty Terrace. It was a benefit for the Rhonda Walker Foundation that supports inner-city teen girls, whose mission is;to empower inner-city teen girls towards becoming strong, confident, successful and moral future leaders.

Photo by Gary Washington
Rhonda Walker (RWF) Detroit News Personality Photo by Gary Washington
L-R Rhonda Walker News Personality & Kathy Thrasher Model Ceo of Beau Luxe Fashion show Photo by Gary Washington

Model, Ceo of Beau Luxe Fashion show Kathy Thrasher  was amazing with organising  and putting on this fabulous fashion event.

Celebrity  Rozeta “Runway” Rox Runway/Model Coach as usual did a phenomenal job training all the models that ripped the runway in the fashion show.

IMG_0120 Color Enhanced Edit copy

Stay Tuned for photos from the show…

Photos by Gary Washington

Fashion Designer Dianne Berry Photo by Gary Washington

Photos by Gary Washington

IMG_1156IMG_1206 IMG_1208 IMG_1212 IMG_1218 IMG_1225_ IMG_1240 IMG_1242 IMG_1245 IMG_1246 IMG_1252IMG_1270IMG_1281IMG_1286IMG_1300

IMG_1305 IMG_1306 IMG_1323 IMG_1327 IMG_1329

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