WALK held it’s annual Runway Fashion show at the Garden Theatre Saturday May 30th The largest fashion show in the Midwest. As usual they brought sold out crow and a plethora of Fashion enthusiasts as the Frenzy began. WALK Founder DeShawn “Jelly” Franklin And Crystal Bailey hosted yet another successful show. Check out the highlights from the show. (Photo Credit: Will Clarke & Gary Washington) IMG_6402 IMG_6037 copy IMG_6072 copy IMG_6638 copy IMG_6640 copy IMG_7241 copy IMG_7244 copy IMG_8542 copyIMG_8160 copy IMG_8389 copy IMG_7260 copy IMG_8421 copy IMG_6467 copy 3IMG_8219 copy IMG_7251 copy IMG_8257 copy IMG_8166  IMG_6467 copy 3IMG_8339 copy IMG_8151 IMG_8133 IMG_8112 IMG_8109  IMG_8018 IMG_8004 IMG_8001 IMG_7886 copy IMG_7078 IMG_6871 IMG_6846 IMG_6809 IMG_6688 IMG_6667 copy IMG_6634 copy IMG_6617 copy IMG_6544 copy 2   IMG_6392 copy IMG_6374 IMG_6367 copy  IMG_6199 copy  IMG_6492 copy 2 IMG_6284 copy IMG_6355 copy  IMG_6092 copy 3 IMG_6116 copy 2 IMG_6119 copy IMG_6199 copy  IMG_6260 copy IMG_6330 copy 2IMG_6673 copy IMG_8082 copyIMG_6772 copy 2IMG_8092 copyIMG_8101 copy  IMG_7721 copy IMG_7723 copy IMG_7731 copy IMG_7777 copy IMG_7804 copy   IMG_8068 copy   IMG_8092 copy IMG_8334 copy IMG_6750 copy IMG_6807 IMG_7893 copyIMG_6871 IMG_7061 IMG_7166 copy IMG_7187 copy IMG_7855 copyIMG_7893 copyIMG_7214 IMG_7277 IMG_7287