Main Event 2015, one of the kick off events for The North American International Auto show held it’s invite-only event which featured creative and awesome designers with an evening of sizzling fashions. Held at the Max M Fisher Music Center  in Detroit, MI. Where the auto industry glows with pizazz and and sleek designs with it’s automobile inspiratons and fashion it all blends seemlessly into a perfect mix. The crowds gathered from auto designers, industry professionals, fashion enthusiasts, media gathered to attend this elegant exclusive special event.

IMG_4865 IMG_4906 IMG_4953 Kayla_1IMG_4993  IMG_4959 IMG_5116 copy IMG_5125 IMG_5155 copy IMG_5259 IMG_5273 IMG_5285 IMG_5298 IMG_5437 IMG_5415 IMG_5400 IMG_5336 IMG_5331 IMG_5312 copy Cierra_ClarkCaSandra_Carter2    Rocki_1  Dominique Dacia_1 IMG_5556IMG_5614IMG_5610IMG_5637

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